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N = new background

1 = pen size 1 pixel
2 = pen size 3 pixels
3 = pen size 5 pixels
4 = pen size 8 pixels
5 = pen size 10 pixels

K = sets pen to Black
W = sets pen to White

Pareidoodle is a new way of drawing ideas in a digital world. It is a cross between a Rorschar Test and Cloud Spotting. Based on the psychological phenomena known as Pareidolia, where a vague or random stimulus (most often an image or even a sound) is perceived as significant. This phenomena is seen in common examples such as seeing images or faces in clouds, the Virgin Mary on a tortilla or even hearing hidden messages on music albums played in reverse. From the Greek "para" meaning with or alongside and "eidolon" meaning image. Pareidoodle is to doodle alongside an image.

Many people begin their creative process by doodling, sketching or drawing but can often find limitations in what
they draw on the blank paper or canvas in what is on their conscious mind. By using random marks and colors the user's (or player's, since this is a type of play) mind begins to make new connections to what they are drawing on
and alongside the seemingly meaningless and instill them with a sense of meaning through their own hand.

You can also download and enjoy your own desktop application version of Pareidoodle for Mac or Windows. Enjoy!